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Richmond Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Understanding the Value of a Prenuptial Agreement

When two people are planning on getting married, there are a lot of details which they must consider. One key detail, which many couples disregard, is the establishment of a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement serves to lay out the terms surrounding the possession and distribution of all assets, property, current and future income, alimony or spousal support, and more should be marriage be dissolved at a later date.

Although very few couples believe they will ever get divorced, things do happen. Even the happiest of couples could at some point have their marriage end in divorce. A prenuptial agreement does not mean your marriage will collapse; it is more like an insurance plan to protect each party's assets and allow them to be fully prepared should divorce occur. As soon as both parties agree to, and sign the prenuptial agreement, it becomes a legally binding contract.

In the past, prenuptial agreements were thought to be reserved solely for individuals who had a substantial estate or assets prior to the marriage, and who wanted to ensure those assets would be protected in the event of a divorce. These days, since many couples are getting married after they have obtained real estate and other assets, prenuptial agreements are becoming more commonplace.

A prenuptial agreement can be a smart idea for any couple looking to get married. If you find you meet any of the following qualifications, you would be wise to consult with a Richmond divorce lawyer who can help you draft a just prenuptial agreement:

  • You are a part owner of a family-owned business. If your portion of the business is not protected by a prenuptial agreement, a messy divorce could have a devastating impact on you, your family and the family business itself.
  • You have a significantly greater income than your future spouse. Without taking measures to protect your hard earned income, you could end up losing it. Keep in mind that even with a prenuptial agreement in place, issues including alimony and child support payments, child custody, as well as parenting time & visitation rights may still need to be resolved.
  • You or your soon-to-be spouse has been married before.
  • You could at some point receive a large inheritance. Protecting future or potential inheritances and income is important. Nobody wants to lose part of their family's hard earned estate in a divorce.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in Richmond

We understand that when two people are preparing to get married and have the happiest day of their lives, they rarely want to discuss the possibility of divorce. Unfortunately, it is a discussion that any couple should have prior to entering into a marriage. With many years in practice, we at Jamie Zand & Associates, PLLC, are here to answer any questions you may have about the importance of having a prenuptial agreement and help set your mind at ease.

Our dedicated attorney will take the time to review your situation, evaluate the best course of action, and assist you in preparing and executing your prenuptial agreement. We work hard to ensure the assets, estates and legal rights of each of our clients are fully protected. A prenuptial agreement can be an intrinsic part of protecting you and your rights.

If you have questions about whether a prenuptial would be right for you, or you are interested getting a prenuptial agreement prepared, contact a Richmond prenuptial agreement attorney at our firm today