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Richmond Uncontested Divorce Attorney

About Uncontested Divorce

There is understandably a lot of stress and strain in a divorce situation with so many matters to be decided and agreed upon and many questions to be answered. In most divorces the primary issues include spousal support (alimony), division of marital assets, debt division, child custody, child support, visitation and parenting plans. An uncontested divorce, where both parties agree to move forward with the divorce, is financially more economical and completed more quickly than in a contested divorce. Having the guidance and advice of a skilled Richmond divorce lawyer can assist you to more smoothly reach agreements which are best suited to your family situation.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Richmond

Divorce actions are much more than simply filling in the blanks on a form - divorcing spouses need to be protected well into the future. When there are children involved their future wellbeing must also be well planned and safeguarded. Any divorce has a serious impact on the lives of everyone in the family. The two areas which are most often subject to dispute concern financial matters and children. In a contested divorce these issues often drive up the billable hours in additional time spent in preparation and in court hearings. To assist in reducing the expense we offer a flat fee divorce to clients who wish to proceed with an uncontested divorce. A knowledgeable family law attorney at our firm works toward a calm resolution of any difficult issue in order to avoid future legal or financial problems and minimize current and future stresses.

Although you may have agreed to proceed with a divorce action, it can be difficult and even overwhelming to work through this process unless you have the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer who understands the challenges you are facing. We are here to help you fully understand every step and assist you to reach a positive result. Call Jamie Zand & Associates, PLLC to get your questions answered.

If you are considering uncontested divorce, contact a Richmond divorce lawyer at our firm who is prepared to assist you.