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Child Custody Modification in Fort Bend County

Change Your Custody Arrangement to Meet Your Needs

In some instances, major life changes may render the original terms of your child custody agreement unfair or obsolete. For example, the parent who has physical custody of a child may desire to move out of the state, affecting the other parent's ability to visit the child. In such situations, post-decree motions may be brought in order to change custody or visitation time with your children.

The court can also reevaluate the terms of the child support that was previously awarded. If your child support order was issued prior to 2007, then it is worth reviewing the award under the new child support guidelines. If the child support that you pay or receive would change significantly under the new guidelines, the court is now able to recalculate it. Our Fort Bend County attorney can assist you in modifying the terms of your child custody agreement.

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How to Seek & Obtain Modifications

A modification in parenting time is determined by the best interest of the child. It is very important for a child to have both of their parents in their life for the sake of emotional growth and stability. If you would like to spend more time with your child than you are currently able to, then it may be beneficial to file a motion to modify parenting time or your visitation rights.

Often, these motions are settled between the parties and attorneys prior to the court's involvement. If you believe that the current custodial arrangement is harmful to your child, then you may be able to modify custody. Modification of custody is a high standard, but there are situations where the court finds it appropriate to remove the child from the care of one parent and transfer it to the other parent.

Retain an Experienced Lawyer

In cases in which it is necessary to modify an existing child custody agreement or court order, it is absolutely essential to secure the services of a skilled and knowledgeable attorney. At Jamie Jordan Zand, PLLC , we are well-versed in state law and know how to address a child custody modification in court.

For years, our firm has been steadfastly serving the legal needs of residents throughout the state of Texas and we are more than willing to do the same for you. Under the guidance of Attorney Jamie Zand, you can rest assured that your custody agreement will be evaluated by a skilled professional who knows what conditions can be modified and how to best go about ensuring that they are.

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